Online Disability Fitness (Available Worldwide)

Have you found that there is no fitness trainer in your area who really understands your condition? You know that you need to exercise but you don’t know what to do or have access to the correct type of classes? Maybe you simply don’t have the motivation to do things on your own? My online fitness training caters for all different scenarios and all different conditions. My understanding of the various disabilities and various stages of progression enable me to run carefully thought out, well structured exercise sessions for you, no matter what your condition is.

Free Online Disability Fitness Classes

£0 – They’re FREE!!!

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Video Disability Fitness Classes

Unlimited video classes for you to carry out in your home, garden, park or gym. all you need is a screen and you can benefit from varied levels of exercise sessions catering for your specific condition and your specific stage of progression.

£6.99 per month

***coming soon***

Semi-Personal Training

Small group live video fitness classes.

You, me and up to 7 other people all exercising together via a screen. Multiple ability levels available including wheelchair users, those struggling to walk and those with little or no symptoms. The ability to communicate with each and every class member. An easy, sociable way to get fit from the comfort of your own home.

£8 per session – typically 30 minutes in duration

***coming soon***

One to One Online Fitness Training

Just you, me and a screen. Personal fitness training in your own home at a time which suits you. Bespoke fitness programmes to cater for your specific fitness levels and your specific disability – be is visible or invisible. All you need is a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC.

£35 per 30 minute session or £300 for 10.

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Face to Face Personal Training (London, UK)

  1. 1 Free Taster Session (before you commit)
  2. 10 1-2-1 Sessions (55 minutes)
  3. Bespoke Home Fitness Programme
  4. Nutrition Coaching and Planning
  5. Online Fitness Videos
  6. Detailed Gym Programme
  7. Detailed Fitness Planner
  8. Unlimited Email/phone Support


No need to decide now. Arrange a taster sessions first and see how you get on. If you love it, then we can discuss options. If not, no questions asked.

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