Why you can’t fail when it comes to exercise

Here's a story about failure and an explanation as to why you can't fail when it comes to exercise.

The other day I scheduled a video call with a client who's about to start my Custom Fit Programme. This is the standard procedure to make sure I get a good idea of how their body functions to enable me to create a custom made programme. After we'd agreed the time she messaged saying that she was nervous.

"Nervous about what?" I asked.

"Nervous that I'm going to fail" was her response.

Now, it's understandable that someone might be a little nervous or apprehensive when embarking on a new fitness regime, especially with a chronic illness which doesn't welcome physical exertion. It's a big deal, and there's a high chance that on some days exercise will be out of the question. But to use the word "FAIL" seems inappropriate.

With exercise, you can't fail. Even if you try and things don't go well, you've done more than you were doing before and you've learnt more about your body. So that next time you can have another go, maybe modify the workout to suit you better and in most cases, discover that your body has grown stronger and you'll now find the tasks easier than they were last time.

The only true way to fail is to not try in the first place. Even if you give up half way through, at least you've made some progress, but what I would really hope is that you would never give up. A break in training is a break in training but what's important is to get back in the game and keep moving.

That way, you can't fail.

Rather than looking at things like win/lose or succeed/fail, perhaps you can think about it as win/learn. Because really, when things don't go the way you want, you can learn from it.

If you're haven't done one of my programmes why not try the win/learn technique to really see what your body is capable of? Schedule a call and I'll talk you through some options.

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