Walking in a bid to get better at walking might leave you frustrated with little or no improvements, but certainly an eventual plateau in progress. This is not specific to walking, but any activity from sports, to crosswords, chess, washing your clothes. ANYTHING!

Yes, walking should be an aspect of your training regime to improve your walking, but if all Andy Murray needed to do to become the best tennis player in the world was play tennis, it would have been a pretty easy task for him. Just play more tennis than everyone else.

But it's not that simple. There are so may factors which go into improving at something, whether it's walking or anything else.

Andy Murray didn't win games by simply playing tennis. He did the following and more:

  • Worked on specific aspects of strength which made him more mobile and quicker around the court
  • Practiced recovery as much as training
  • Made sure his nutrition plan was in line with his goals
  • Looked at areas where he was weak and worked on improving those areas specifically
  • Performed a series of drills designed to improve every aspect of his game
  • Worked on his mental strength in order to allow him to take on the challenges that he faced
  • Worked closely with his coach to get guidance, advice, support and direction
  • He pushed himself further each time to ensure that his body responded to the challenges he was setting

There's probably even more to it than that but it goes the same for any of your physical activities. Simply doing them will only ensure that you stay the same level.

So look at what you want to achieve and start breaking things down so you have a plan of action. And if you don't think you know enough about the subject, get a coach. I know a guy. He's good looking, funny and really knows his stuff 😉 (it's me)

This is reassuring for those of you already working with me and if you're not already working with me, why not?

Tracey did exactly that and she's made great progress. Check out her vid at the end of this email.

If you want to discuss a custom made programme to help you reach your goals, book in a free call. Just click below to schedule and we can see if your goals are achievable and if you're a good fit for one of my programmes.

Take Care now. Bye, bye then.

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