Why next week is a good time to start your fitness regime.

Next week is a good time to start your fitness regime. wanna know why?

So next week is significant in my part of the world because we've all got a hangover from Christianity which means we celebrate religious festivals, even those of us who are not even remotely religious. But what that does do is provide some good structure to our year, and around this time of year, people start thinking about what they can give up for lent. That's right ladies and gents - This Tuesday is pancake day!!!! I'll use that as an excuse to have a 3 course meal of pancakes and start being healthy for the following forty days, until inevitably I'll eat my weight in chocolate over the Easter weekend.

Just kidding. That was the old me. The modern me has maybe 1 easter egg, but not more, as I'm usually still recovering form an indulgent Christmas period (incidentally I'm still carrying the extra baggage around the waist which I've failed to lose post-Christmas)

Here's a tip - if you're gonna go for health, follow these few pointers to get yourself out of the funk, and into the game.

  • Set a goal, and work towards it - I'm gonna book a professional photoshoot for the start of June which should keep me accountable
  • Plan backwards from that goal - work out what you want to achieve (lose 8kg is mine) and break it up into bitesize mini-goals (1kg per week) which will lead you to the bigger goal
  • Remind yourself WHY you're doing it - what motivates you (vanity, family, your mood), what happens if you don't do it etc.
  • Focus on the successful outcome - put up a picture of the body you want or the holiday you're going on
  • Remind yourself of the negative outcome - what will you lose if you don't or what is the current state that you're trying to escape - a picture of fat me bursting out of my trousers might help me reach my goal
  • Inspire yourself - read an inspiring book, watch an inspiring movie or follow some inspiring characters on social media

Make sure all of the above is clearly positioned so you can't escape it. Put your planner up on the fridge or in your office so you see it regularly. Stick an image of you looking out of shape next to it to remind yourself why it's important or stick a picture of a wheelchair up if you're trying to get out of the chair/avoid needing one.

Then make sure there is a shift in your priorities. List everything you focus on and make a mental note that your health needs to start coming before the other things. When you get the choice between a night on the booze and a pre-bed workout, you do the latter. When you plan your working day, you put your workouts in first and fit everything else around them. You want it to be so that you say to yourself "if there's one thing I do today" it'll be your health based thing.

So I'm gonna book in my photoshoot for accountability, plan ahead so I know which social events I'll be attending without drinking and put my workouts in the diary first, so that I know they'll get done. Might even stick a picture like the one below up in my office to remind me what I'm aiming for.

This is the same thing I do with my clients to get them engaged in fitness when they need a kick up the bum. If you want me to do the same for you, you know what to do.

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