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PERSONAL fitness coaching FOR people with a DIsability or chronic illness

"Health & Fitness should be for everybody, irrespective of your physical capabilities" - Dom Thorpe, founder Disability Training.



Here at Disability Training our aim is to provide quality personal fitness coaching for people with a disability or chronic illness. We look past your disability, and at you as an individual. If you're looking for a personal trainer who specializes in working with disabled people, chronic illness or any other physical challenge such as fatigue, look no further.

If you have a disability and you're looking to get fit, you're in the right place. We find out what you CAN do and apply all the rules of health and fitness in ways which work with our clients. We love to encourage people to start working out with their disabilities.


We're not here to “cure” or “fix” your disability. That's not what Disability Training is about. We're here to help you exercise in spite of your disability. Often as a result of this, we’ll see an improvement in your strength, balance, coordination, body composition and general physical ability.

We’ll travel to your home or gym facility and take you through a structured routine based on you and your body. There IS no rule book. We had to throw it out the window a long time ago. Each and every disability has its own quirks and hurdles. Each and every person with a specific disability can vary massively in their level of ability or symptoms, so we can’t simply use a pre-written programme. We have to carefully consider, adapt and create bespoke exercises to suit you, in order to get the most from our sessions together.

I'm currently the featured fitness instructor for the exercise videos provided by The MS Society where you can find multiple workout videos which can be done in the home.



The latest fitness programme from Dom Thorpe, the personal trainer who specialises in working with Multiple Sclerosis. 4 years of feedback from over 1500 people who did the original MS Warrior Programme, combine to form the MS Warrior Programme 2.

Lifetime Access for just $149/£119


I offer a series online fitness training programmes, online fitness coaching and face to face personal training. Every product is carefully thought out, well structured and suited to your condition, no matter what it is. Take a look at these services below;

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