Fitness Myth: old age makes you gain weight

Today’s debunked myth: old age makes you gain weight.

If you think about it, people gain the most weight between the ages of 0 and 16. I gained a whopping 176 lbs during that 16 year period and that’s an average of 11 lbs per year.

Granted, some people gain more weight than this as an adult, but on average, people aren’t gaining 550 lbs between the day they left school and the day they retire. Therefore weight gain actually SLOWS DOWN with age.

If I had continued to gain that much weight as I got older I’d be on track to hit 440 lbs by my 40th Birthday – which is in November by the way, so start thinking about what to get for me.

But that hasn’t happened. In fact, I stopped gaining weight when I got to 16 and remained around the 180 lbs mark for the remaining 25 years (give or take a few pounds either side).

Time is the factor here. If you spend all your time in a calorie surplus, you’ll gain weight as you get older. As children, we need to be in a calorie surplus because we are growing. So age makes us gain weight.

Contrary to that, if you spend all your time in a calorie deficit, you’ll get lighter as you get older. So age makes you lose weight.

Which one is it, Dom?

The truth is, a lot of adults sit around all day and think they can eat the same foods as their 16 year old active self because that’s what they’ve become accustomed to eating. They haven’t sat and thought, “hang on a minute, if I’m not moving as much, why do I need to keep refueling the tank in the same way?”.

Well, even your doctor will tell you that you’ll gain weight with age, because often they’re looking at themselves as an example and they don’t know any better. They’re also looking at statistics led by a population of people who are at the mercy of big businesses which create foods designed to make us want to eat & drink more and more, even when we’ve had our fair share.

I’m gaining weight right now at a rate of around 2 lbs per month, which is more than I gained when I was a kid. But come July, I’ll be losing weight at a rate of around 5 lbs per month, which, if things go to plan, will have me at the same weight as I was when I was 16, just in time for my 40th Birthday. The difference?

On my 40th Birthday I’ll have more muscle and less fat than I had on my 16th Birthday. It’s not my age which dictates that, it’s my lifestyle.

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