Float Like A Butterfly

From Google's #1 ranked personal trainer for people with disabilities, THE CREATOR OF THE MS WARRIOR PROGRAMME AND THE CUSTOM FIT PROGRAMME COMES F.L.A.B - FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY




-Lose weight quickly & easily with an easy to follow MEAL PLAN

-Diagnose common weight loss issues with an easy to use NUTRITION MONITOR

-Improve lower body strength with carefully designed HOME WORKOUT REGIMES

-Improve balance and mobility with carefully designed home BALANCE & MOBILITY regimes

-Stay motivated and accountable with Dom Thorpe’s fun and friendly coaching style

-Stay motivated with peer-to-peer accountability and moral support in your PRIVATE F.L.A.B. “members only” Facebook Group

-Maintain PRIVACY with private coach-accountable WEEKLY WEIGH-INS (I promise not to share your videos with anyone!)

- Stay informed with twice weekly Facebook Lives for Q&A regarding the programme – because there are always questions!

By performing exercises which increase your lower body strength and mobility you'll start to move more freely. Combine this with rapid weight loss and moving becomes easier. You may not end up moving like Mohamed Ali in his prime, but you'll DEFINITELY notice the benefits. 

You'll feel safe knowing that I offer a full refund if the programme doesn't suit you.

Do you find yourself saying any of the following?

  • I can't shift this damn weight!!
  • I'm not as mobile as I used to be
  • My balance sucks
  • I have a wardrobe full of clothes I can no longer fit into
  • My lower body strength is abysmal
  • I can't get out of my chair without using my hands
  • Stairs are a struggle for me
  • I hate the gym
  • I can’t lose weight because I can’t exercise
  • I don’t have the motivation on my own
  • I need a good kick up the butt!!!

If ANY of those phrases have entered your mind, I can help you. With over 10 years’ experience helping people with various ability levels get fitter, stronger, LIGHTER, more confident and find new ways to exercise that they’d never even considered they could do, I’m confident I can do the same for you with my F.L.A.B Programme.

With 8 weeks of semi-personal online training you'll be feeling fitter, stronger, more motivated, more confident and more mobile.

You might not actually float like a butterfly, but you'll be a hell of a lot lighter and more mobile by the end of it.

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FULL Money-Back Guaruntee

I’m so confident that I can help you, I offer a FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you’re not happy with what you’ve received at the end of the 8 weeks, I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked. 

what people are saying about my programmes

Below are just a handful of comments from over 1000 people who've done my programmes. Here's are 100s more: https://dt-training.co.uk/what-my-clients-are-saying/ (but make sure you come back after reading them because these 20 places won't be around for long)

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A Few Words from My Clients, Past & Present

Why you Don't Need To Worry Anymore

  • Maybe you’ve tried exercise in the past and haven’t seen results
  • Maybe you’ve tried a “healthy” diet and you still can’t shift the weight and improve your mobility
  • Perhaps you’ve met trainers who couldn’t or weren’t willing to help you
  • Perhaps the trainers you HAVE worked with in the past didn’t understand you
  • Maybe you’ve wasted money on equipment you’ve never used

You don’t need to worry - THE F.L.A.B. Programme is created with YOU in mind. It’ll show you simple exercises which will improve your lower body strength and move like Mohamed Ali* (FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY - I DON'T MAKE ANY PROMISES ABOUT STINGING LIKE A BEE)

I’ve worked with so many people with various ability levels that there’s nothing which surprises me anymore. I’ve worked with people who can’t get out of their chair, can’t speak, can’t open or close their hands, people who are in constant pain, people who can’t hear instructions, people with invisible illnesses, people who can’t see visual cues and many, many people who didn’t think they could “do it”, until we worked together. I've condensed all of this experience into the 8 week F.L.A.B. Programme and I know you'll love it!

*you might not actually move like Mohamed Ali in his prime, but you will definitely be lighter and more mobile.

WHEN YOU do the F.L.A.B. PROGRAMME you'll:

  • - Get workouts for your home which work around your schedule
  • - Get a WEIGHT LOSS specific nutrition plan designed to  SHIFT WEIGHT QUICKLY AND EASILY
  • - Diagnose weight loss issues easily with my easy to use nutrition monitor and points system (way easier than weightwatchers) 
  • - Stay motivated throughout with regular LIVE FACEBOOK Q&As
  • - Stay engaged with educational and motivational daily emails
  • - GET PEER TO PEER ACCOUNTABILITY (a bit like weight-watchers but you can do it from your couch and your coach is better looking)
  • - Get some focused leg exercises to get you moving like a teenager again* 
  • - Share your ACTUAL weight privately, with ME, your coach along this 8 week journey
  • - Meet some great online mates who share similar goals to you
  • (*not guaranteed, but you'll definitely be lighter and more mobile)


Once you've purchased the programme you'll be invited to join the Facebook Group.

Once you're in, you'll receive your nutrition plan, workout programmes and all other documents.

You'll start working through the exercise videos and sticking to the diet plan, and you'll see improvements within a couple of weeks.

After 4 weeks your workouts will be stepped up to refresh things and keep your muscles guessing.

Twice weekly Facebook lives will give you the opportunity to ask questions in real time or in advance/after, so you'll always be clued up on what's right and wrong for you.

It's limited to 20 people because I want to make sure you can ask me questions any time.

I'll be tracking your weight loss progress and exercise adherence throughout the programme.

You'll be invited to share your weight loss as a PERCENTAGE in the group each week. No hard numbers, just a sharing of your positive progress for added accountability.

You’ll have my personal email address so you can ask questions 24/7 for the ultimate support and guidance

Dom Sitting Comfortably

So many people out there simply can’t find access to the RIGHT kind of fitness content for their condition. This leaves them feeling awful about themselves, scared of exercise and lost in a world of online content, none of which they know is going to be relevant for them.

I’m here to provide clarity and make it easy for them to improve their health, fitness and slide themselves along the ability spectrum…in the RIGHT direction!

My programmes guide people, helping them along the way so they're confident in what they're doing, and make great progress as a result”

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