Get Fit with your fave tv show


Here's a simple trick to help you find more time in your life for exercise. Or other stuff if you're already doing enough exercise.

Firstly, spend a minute (no more than that) deciding which is your favourite TV show/Netflix show etc. Once you've decided that, make a note of it and perform a simple exercise. I call it "task delete" and it means deleting any unnecessary tasks to make space for ones which offer more value to your life.

Start by pressing the task delete button on all TV shows other than your favourite show for a single day. That's morning, throughout the day and evening. Depending on how much TV you watch in the first place, this can create an incredible amount of extra time.

Things you can do with the extra time

  • exercise (will I ever shut up about this?)
  • get some "you" time
  • learn (languages, hobbies, courses in subject you love)
  • talk to someone (preferably someone you like)
  • bake
  • get some fresh air
  • do some "good" (volunteering etc)
  • write a book
  • meditate
  • relax
  • any other thing which will be better for your general wellbeing than watching TV

Once you've done it for a day, and realised the amazing potential, try it for a week. And if you enjoy that, try it for a month. Maybe make a habit out of it, who knows what might happen?

Now, I know this makes me sound like the TV police. I'm not. I watch a fair bit of telly, but I recognise that it shouldn't get in the way of my other activities, because let's face it...if I asked you to put all of the things you do in a priority list, and you really thought about what was important to you, for your wellbeing and relationships, TV wouldn't be very high up on that list. It's just an easy and comforting option which you don't need to think about.

So next time you're sitting in front of the telly, think about the shows you're watching and work out if they really deserve your time and attention, or if there's something else you could be doing. You might like the results.

Dave gives MS a good kick-in-the-teeth!

I'm super proud of Dave because he's gone from "man with MS who doesn't do much exercise" to "man with MS who did The MS warrior Programme, but came back for more and did the Custom Fit Programme". He talks a bit below about his balance, energy levels, playing with his kids and the changes that doing a bit of exercise has made to his outlook and general perspective on exercise. It's totally part of his routine now.

Check out his vid and if you wanna find out more about either of the programme click below to book a call. Or respond with any questions if you're not up for a call just yet.

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