Increase your mobility and “float like a butterfly”

“Lose weight” and “increase mobility” are the two most common requests I receive when speaking to clients, customers and social media followers.

In principle they’re pretty easy to fix. I’ll talk you through the methods I use and I’m gonna end this blog with a short video which will explain how you can achieve those two things.

Here goes…

Lose weight

In principal this is easy – create a calorie deficit for long enough to achieve your goal – a calorie deficit being a state where you burn more calories than you consume.

In reality it’s a little more difficult. It requires knowledge of how to eat a low calorie diet which still provides the right amount of nutrients.

You CAN’T do this by copying a “fit & healthy” person’s diet because fit and healthy people aren’t on a weight loss diet. They’re on a maintenance diet which is very different.

Your diet should also be shaped around your activity levels, so eating the diet of an athlete if you don’t train intensively for 4+ hours per day won’t work for you.

You could starve yourself if you have enough will power, but you won’t be getting sufficient nutrients to maintain good health and increase fitness, muscle mass, mobility etc.

This also makes it inevitable that you’ll return to your old ways once you hit your target and regain all the weight you lost.

So a knowledge of foods which are high in nutrients but low in calories is important, combined with a knowledge of what is suitable for your activity level.

Once you have that knowledge, it’s just a case of sticking to it for long enough to achieve your goal, which is where the second challenge comes in.

It’s bloody hard sticking to a low calorie diet for long periods.

It shouldn’t be, but it is because:

a) we live in a world where food manufacturers are shoving high calorie, high crave-inducing foods down our throats – not literally, but they’re using the “in your face” marketing technique to make you crack when you’re at your weakest.

b) you’re probably a food addict. No offence to ya. I’m one too. I think we all are to some degree.

Your willpower and your psyche will have a huge affect on how likely you are to stick to a sensible diet plan.

By avoiding addictive foods (trigger foods) you’ll be less likely to create further cravings and binge out.

But, like anything, you need accountability to stick to things.

In most cases if you ask yourself the question “what happens NOW if I don’t lose weight?” The answer is “nothing”. So there’s no real incentive.

If I held a gun to your head and said I’ll pop a cap in yo’ ass if you don’t lose weight, you’d probably see better results. But I don’t have a gun.

In summary:

  • Sustained calorie deficit
  • nutrition high, low calorie diet plan, based on your activity levels
  • accountability so you stick to it

Like I said, easy in principle but there are lots of hurdles along the way.

Increase Mobility

Master the first challenge and lose weight, you automatically increase your mobility.

Lighter bodies are easier to move, and have a lower centre of gravity so balance will improve too.

Next, you need to “work out” your lower body. I don’t mean exercise. Exercise is anything which uses fuel. Gardening, walking, cycling etc.

All good types of exercise, but none are specifically designed to improve your physical ability.

“Working out” is doing activities which are specifically designed to increase your physical ability.

To improve mobility, you need to do carefully structured lower body exercises.

Things which are repetitive and things which encourage “progressive overload” (gradually doing more over time to encourage a positive change in your physiology).

Finally, do them safely so you don’t fall over and end up setting yourself back 6 months.

So in principle, it’s fairly simple to achieve both but in practice it can require a lot of knowledge acquired over a long period of time and a heap of accountability to make sure you actually do what it takes.

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