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The MS Warrior Programme will:

  • Increase your strength, fitness and flexibility
  • Reduce your bodyweight
  • Get ongoing motivation
  • Slow the progression of your condition
  • Learn the CORRECT exercises for your condition
  • Learn about the foods that help your condition and the foods that hinder it
  • Discover fun ways you can exercise in your home, or at the gym
  • Learn what you can do without having to worry about if it’s right for you or not

Do you find yourself saying any of the following?

  • I don’t know where to start
  • I have no idea what I should be doing
  • I don’t have the motivation on my own
  • I can’t do cardio because I can’t move my legs
  • I’m not confident enough to go to the gym on my own
  • I can’t lose weight because I can’t exercise
  • I used to be fit but my condition has taken that away from me

If ANY of those phrases have entered your mind, I can help you. With over 10 years’ experience helping people with Multiple Sclerosis get fitter, stronger, more confident and find new ways to exercise that they’d never even considered they could do, I’m confident I can do the same for you with my MS Warrior Programme.

With my 12 week MS Warrior Programme you"ll be feeling fitter, stronger, more motivated, more confident and able to exercise on your own knowing that you’re doing the RIGHT exercises for you and your body.

The MS Warrior Programme can help you slide yourself up the ability spectrum - the RIGHT direction!

The Man Behind the ms society's fitness videos.

In 2017 I worked with The MS Society to create and star in a series of exercise videos for people with Multiple Sclerosis. The videos were a great success, however people wanted more guidance, with nutrition, more structure and more accountability. That's what prompted me to create the MS Warrior and MS Bespoke Fit programmes.

The MS Warrior Programme and MS Bespoke Fit Programmes are more than just a set of exercise videos. They're part of a system which will educate you, inspire you, motivate you and guide you through a fitness programme carefully designed to help you gain full confidence in yourselves when exercising in the future.

The MS Active Together promo Video

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Money Back Guaruntee

I’m so confident that I can help you, I offer a full money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with what you’ve received at the end of the 12 weeks, I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked. Alternatively, if the MS Warrior Programme isn't right for you, you can put your money towards the cost of the MS Bespoke Fit Programme. 

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A Few Words from My Clients, Past & Present

Why you Don't Need To Worry Anymore

  • Maybe you’ve tried exercise in the past and haven’t seen results
  • Maybe you’ve tried a “healthy” diet and you still can’t shift the weight and improve your mobility
  • Perhaps you’ve met trainers who couldn’t or weren’t willing to help you
  • Perhaps the trainers you HAVE worked with in the past didn’t understand you
  • Maybe you’ve wasted money on equipment you’ve never used

You don’t need to worry. The MS Warrior Programme is created with YOU in mind. It’ll show you that there ARE exercises which you can do and it’ll help you understand why your diet needs to be different to the “average JOE” healthy diet which you’ve seen all over social media.

I’ve worked with so many people with MS that there’s nothing which surprises me anymore. I’ve worked with people who can’t get out of their chair, can’t speak, can’t open or close their hands, people who are in constant pain, people who can’t hear instructions, people with invisible illnesses, people who can’t see visual cues and many, many people who didn’t think they could “do it”, until we worked together. I've condensed all of this experience into the 12 week programme and I know you'll love it!

WHEN YOU do the ms warrior PROGRAMME you'll:


  • - Get workouts for your gym or home which work around your schedule
  • - Get an MS specific nutrition plan designed to minimise symptom and limit the progression of your condition
  • - Stay motivated throughout with regular motivational emails to keep you energised during your 12 weeks
  • - Educate you in a way which means after 12 weeks you’ll have the necessary knowledge to continue your fitness journey on your own
  • - Help you manage your symptoms in a way which permits your active lifestyle
  • - Get support and motivation from my private Facebook group where other MS Warriors on the same journey can guide, support and motivate you
  • - Help you remain positive with the Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing modules


Once you've purchased the programme you'll receive your Gym Programme and Nutriton Plan

Once you've read through your docs and are ready to go, you "push the button". Your 12 week programme will start the following Monday.

You'll get a daily email which will not only keep you motivated, contain your workout videos and meal ideas, but also cover weekly modules such as Nutrition for MS, Exercising for MS, Mindfulness, Motivation, Symptom Management & more.

You’ll get immediate access to the Facebook Group where you can connect with others doing the MS Warrior and MS Bespoke Fit Programme.

You can start sharing your progress in the group as you slide your way up the ability spectrum.

You’ll have my personal email address so you can ask questions 24/7 for the ultimate support and guidance



I have struggled for many years to find the right exercise plan to match my health problems despite my efforts of joining the gym, signing up for classes and even booking one on one yoga classes at home. I suffer from Lupus, hypermobility, fibromyalgia, POTs, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis of the spine and hips as well as disc issues of the spine.  I didn’t know what to do, as I wanted to exercise primarily to help with my conditions and strengthen my muscles as well as feel good about my body as a whole. Read more...

Jame, Wandsworth (Rare Neurological Disorder)

I suffer from a rare neurological condition that affects the strength of my muscles. The disease can be treated and I believe also helped significantly through exercise. With this in mind, I started looking for a trainer a couple of years ago, with specific experience of working with patients with similar issues and came across Dom. I took an immediate like to his approach (i.e. “what can” rather than “what can’t you do”).

I noticed a strong improvement in my overall fitness, strength, co-ordination and general well being since following Dom’s programme. Initially I focused on losing some weight – in my case, around 7 kilograms over a few months – and working on my cardiovascular fitness. This has since been extended to general core and leg strength, together with flexibility and balance. Dom has a talent for tailoring the training to the specific needs of the individual, setting targets that are a challenge whilst being reachable, and most importantly keeping the nature of the training varied enough that the sessions remain fun and interesting, and you always look forward to them. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough whatever your goals are.


purchase the ms warrior programme today and start whenever you are mentally & physically ready to go!


Your workouts can be for the home OR the gym

The nutrition plans can be adjusted for weight loss, maintenance or weight gain.

Everything is presented in a no-nonsense, easy-to-absorb style

Plus it’s fun! And being part of the MS Warrior community will leave you feeling good about yourself and your progress, unlike other generic fitness programmes.

Dom Sitting Comfortably

So many people out there simply can’t find access to the RIGHT kind of fitness content for their condition. This leaves them feeling awful about themselves, scared of exercise and lost in a world of online content, none of which they know is going to be relevant for them.

I’m here to provide clarity and make it easy for them to improve their health, fitness and slide themselves along the ability spectrum…in the RIGHT direction!

My programmes guide people, helping them along the way so they're confident in what they're doing, and make great progress as a result”

A Bit More About Me

Since 2008 I’ve been working with people like you, with unique requirements and similar challenges.

I regularly write about training with a disability for Disability Horizons, and the Huffington Post and I’m the man behind the MS Society’s fitness campaign, MS Active Together.

Fitness for people with Multiple Sclerosis can undoubtedly be more challenging for both the client and the fitness expert. Most fitness trainers are unable to adapt their training techniques to the needs of someone who has a MS. This is where I come in with my knowledge, experience and flexible approach to fitness.

My goal is to make it easy for people with MS, to gain access to fitness advice that is appropriate for them, without having to sift through the millions of fitness programmes already out there on the market.

I don’t have Multiple Sclerosis, so I’ll never truly understand what you’re going through, however I’ve a very good insight as I lived with my mum for many years while she battled MS and I have spent over 10 years working closely with people with MS and other chronic illnesses. So I have a pretty good idea how you feel and I sure as hell know what’s good for you when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

So why not give my programme a go? It's complete clarity for your condition in a world of highly confusing and conflicting advice.

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