New Year, New You? Pull the other one.

Happy New Year!!!

Did you know that after the age of around 25 it’s thought that change in habits can only really happen as a result of major trauma? That basically means you can kid yourself about suddenly changing your habits for the better unless some kind of trauma happens which leads you to make that change, whereas for the younger generation it’s easier to adopt new habits. This goes some way to explaining why people set off with good intensions of New Year’s resolutions, but fall of the wagon a few weeks into their new regime.

What good is this info, Dom? is what you’re probably thinking. I know right? It makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to become good at managing money or start being better at focusing on tasks without self inflicting some kind of trauma on myself to trigger the change. Who knows?

But sometimes the trauma happens without us asking for it. A diagnosis of a chronic illness perhaps? A family health scare which makes you realise the importance of your health. Sometimes it’s simply the realisation that the clock is ticking, and if you don’t do something about your health, the trajectory is only downhill.

So where am I going with this? The truth is, I don’t know. I just saw a video about it today and thought it might help you understand the formation of new habits a little better. It was the first I’d heard about it and I found it slightly worrying.

Anyway, I’ve recently experienced the “trauma” of standing on my scales. Check out the picture below.


After 10 months of gradual weight loss I felt (and looked) great. But all that has been undone in the space of only 2 months by gaining over 6kg (13lbs). In November I had a six pack…now I’ve got a keg. Just goes to show how easily you can undo all the hard work.

It’s only a minor trauma, but that’s all the motivation I need so I’ll be getting back to former glory over the next 3 months.

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I hope your 2019 is a great one!

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