Prehabilitation Across the Nation

We still don’t know everything about Coronavirus but research suggests that general fitness improves survival odds. On the other hand sedentary life styles and obesity can decrease survival odds.

Obesity and inactivity are things we can control through lifestyle choices. Making sensible food and drink choices combined with regular exercise seems to be our best form of defence. (disclaimer here as I’m aware some of my readers are unable to do a great deal of physical activity)

Resistance training boosts the immune system (this isn’t news, we’ve been saying it for years). Coronavirus is a respiratory illnesses, good lung function and core strength really makes a difference. Regularly getting your heart rate up and doing a bit of heavy breathing will serve you well.

And as I always say, you don’t need a treadmill, a cardio machine or fully functioning legs to achieve this.

Heck, even conditions like type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea are being considered risk factors with this pandemic and we know excess weight, poor diet and general inactivity are factors in both of these conditions.

But there’s good news. Simple changes to your lifestyle now improve your chances of fighting the virus should you contract it.

Prehabilitation is the term being banded around. Using fitness training and dietary changes to build yourself up in preparation for a fight with the virus.

You might be doing this already which is awesome. Or you might be thinking about getting started in which case…move now. Build some resilience into your life.

Take it from me…you can do it with some simple changes in a relatively short space of time. I’ve seen hundreds of people do this and stick with it.

And don’t think about it as being protection from Coronavirus alone, because it’s so much more than that. Even when this thing is gone and forgotten about you’ll be better prepared for whatever life throws as you. And as you know life can chuck some serious shit in our direction so it’s best to be prepared.

Fitness alone won’t do it so don’t be a silly sausage – make sure you’re abiding by the social distancing guidelines as prevention is better than protection.

Stay at home, stay safe, stay healthy.

Dom “always preaching the fitness” Thorpe

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