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A 12 week personalised fitness programme based on your individual requirements, with coaching and guidance through your 12 week period – From Google’s #1 ranked Personal Trainer for Disabled People.

Maximise your physical potential, increase strength, functionality, fitness, and move yourself UP the ability spectrum with this careful designed bespoke 12 week Fitness Programme.

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Improve your physical ability, strength, cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, tone up and more with this carefully designed bespoke 12 week Fitness Programme.

  • Get sessions for the home or gym
  • Stay motivated with my daily emails PLUS a weekly online/over the phone consultation
  • Improve your function and physical ability with bespoke workouts
  • Save time with convenient workout videos which can be done in the home or gym
  • Easily control your weight with my Bespoke Fit diet plan
  • Enjoy tasty, guilt free recipes which will assist with increasing strength and weight loss
  • Learn how to work around your condition
  • Reach difficult to train muscle groups such as core, hip flexors, glutes and stabiliser muscles

My Bespoke Fit Coaching programme is your personalised fitness programme using my 10 years of experience training people with disabilities. Perfect if you require a little more motivation or an individual approach to your exercise regime.

With this programme you’ll get:

  • Bespoke fitness videos designed for you and your body
  • A 12 week bespoke weight training programmes to carry out in the gym
  • Weekly consultation to discuss progress, goals, issues and ask questions.
  • Daily, emails to motivate and educate you
  • Healthy recipes and shopping lists to help you fill the cupboards

A healthy nutrition plan which works for weight loss or weight gain, depending on your preferences.

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