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A 12 week personalised fitness programme based on your individual requirements, with coaching and guidance through your 12 week period – From Google’s #1 ranked Personal Trainer for Multiple Sclerosis

Minimise progression of your condition, fight fatigue, increase strength, functionality, fitness, and move yourself UP the ability spectrum with this careful designed bespoke 12 week MS Fitness Programme.

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Minimise progression of your condition, fight fatigue, increase strength, functionality, fitness, and move yourself UP the ability spectrum with this careful designed bespoke 12 week MS Fitness Programme.

  • Overcome fatigue with carefully considered exercise sessions.
  • Stay motivated with my daily emails PLUS a weekly online/over the phone consultation
  • Improve your function and physical ability with bespoke workouts
  • Slow the progression of your condition with the latest exercise and nutrition advice for people with MS
  • Save time with convenient workout videos which can be done in the home or gym.
  • Easily control your weight with my MS Warrior diet plan.
  • Enjoy tasty, guilt free recipes which won’t harm your body.
  • Learn how to manage your symptoms and beat your body limitations.
  • Reach difficult to train muscle groups such as core, hip flexors, glutes and stabiliser muscles.
  • Get useful tips on how to fight common barriers such as heat sensitivity, bad balance, L’Hermittes, The MS hug, lack of strength, lack of time and lack of money.

My MS Bespoke Fit programme is your personalised fitness programme using my 10 years of experience training people with MS. Perfect if you require a little more motivation or an individual approach to your exercise regime.

With this programme you’ll get:

  • Bespoke fitness videos designed for you and your body
  • A 12 week bespoke weight training programmes to carry out in the gym
  • Weekly consultation to discuss progress, goals, issues and ask questions.
  • Daily, emails to motivate and educate you
  • Healthy recipes and shopping lists to help you fill the cupboards

An MS friendly nutrition plan which works for weight loss

22 reviews for MS Custom Fit Program – ONE OFF

  1. David Hamson (verified owner)

    This programme changed my life for the better, it introduced me to a healthier lifestyle and healthier mind. Dom is such a friendly helpful mentor, his passion for helping others is second to nothing. What I liked about this product more than the Warrior programme is the weekly calls, they help keep you in line, focused on the goal you are trying to achieve. I recommend this programme and Dom to anyone out there wanting to better their situation.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Finishing the MS Custom Fit Programme this week and it has been a great success. My main aim was to actually lose a bit of weight over Christmas and the New Year. That worked really well and Dom has given me some very useful exercises and nutrition ideas. My next job is to make sure I continue the good work!

  3. Fran

    I started the warrior programme having thought about it for a good few months. I wish I’d started it earlier … I had issues with balance primarily and fatigue. I couldn’t walk up or down steps unaided but a few weeks into this programme I can go up and down a few steps independently which for me is great. It really worked for me having the exercise plan app and I was genuinely motivated and stayed motivated by the daily emails and weekly check in calls. Dom is incredibly knowledgable and makes it all make sense .. there isn’t a cure for MS yet but this programme has helped me do far more than I thought I could Thanks Dom !!

  4. Amy Wroe (verified owner)

    I have just finished the custom fit 12 week program and I am so glad that I did it. I have learnt so much about diet and exercise and have surprised myself in how far I have come. I have dropped a considerable amount of weight and I look and feel so much better! The exercises have improved my balance and energy levels, and are customised to my own needs which I love. The app is great, you get to see your personal bests and taking pictures of yourself during the weeks really shows you how your body has changed, which I found very motivational.
    Obviously the more you put into the program, the more you get out of it, but the daily emails and weekly calls from Dom give you lots of motivation and help you stick to plan. I have enjoyed and benefited from it so much I have signed up for another 12 weeks as I am keen to continue the progress I have made so far.

  5. Craig Every

    I would recommend Dom and his Custom Fitness Programme, I have MS and my mobility is limited (no standing ability), nevertheless Dom designed a Programme for me. I have seen an improvement both in my exercise ability and diet choices. I have now signed up for a further 12 week Programme to make even more progress. I cannot thank Dom enough for his patience and support.

  6. Danielle

    I can’t say enough good about this program. You get out of it what you put into it plus so much more. Started with the 12 week warrior program and started doin so much better, feeling better, more stamina, more energy. I followed it with a custom12 week fit program to tweak m specific needs. I can’t express all the ways that I’m better and many are not things I expected. I walk better, balance better, have more strength and endurance, I feel better and am more confident in my ability to perform basic tasks. I even participate more in my own life! I’m so glad I found this program and these people (Dom as well as his other clients).

  7. Danielle

    I can’t say enough good about this program. I started with the 12 week Warrior Program and followed it with the 12 week Custom Fit Program to tweak the exercises specifically for my needs. I have gained so much: better balance, strength, endurance, and ability to walk further and better with so much less apprehension. I feel better and participate more in my life than I have in years. I am so much better at my activities of daily living including but not limited to housework. I’m so glad I found Dom and his programs as well as his other clients for their support and friendship

  8. Anja Mellergaard

    I have nearly finished the 12 week Custom fit programme. I found the diet reasonably easy because I am not keen on bread or potatoes, and try to avoid crumbed, fryed things. Sorting lunches with anything other than boiled eggs and smoked salmon was the trickiest. I have dropped to a size 12 from 14. I have M.S so have a myriad of physical inabilities but try my hardest and can at least exercise my right side and therefore heart. The bespoke Nature of Dom’s programme is excellent and compares really well against an exercise class I joined, which just depressed me with what I couldn’t do. I do the excercise one day on one day off and have only had a day or two with non workouts which is why I am going to continue with Dom’s check-ins. I have some will power but not a lot!

  9. Sue Sharman

    I have just completed this 12 week programme and loved it so much I’ve signed up for another 12 weeks. Not only do you see yourself becoming stronger but mentally it makes you feel good as you are doing something to help yourself. Dom is brilliant – he helps you set and achieve realistic goals. Is full of interesting information on his live Facebook chats. The programme gave me a real boost when I needed it. The Malcolm helped me lose a stone in weight – I actually see 9st on the scales which I seriously have not seen in decades!! I can’t fault it! I would say I’m one very Happy client or Warrior! Everyone needs a Dom in their life!!

  10. Craig Every

    Just completed the Custom Fit Phase 2 Programme. I have limited movement due to my ms and I am a type 1 diabetic. Dom has helped me to significantly improve my upper and lower body strength and also included further strength and stretch exercises in Phase 2. Dom has a professional, friendly manner and nothing is too much trouble for him to help with any issues I have raised. His knowledge and experience of ms is extensive and he totally understands the challenges people with ms are facing and this is key too. I would absolutely recommend the Programme, give it a try, you will not be disappointed, i can never thank Dom enough for the help and support he has given me.

  11. Ginger Jo

    Just finished my first Custom Fit programme and immediately signed up for another!! I have seen lots of benefits from my sit to stand being better to my core strength improving which means turning over in bed is easier! Dom’s programme is a big thing in my arsenal; the others being a really good Neuro physio and an equally good sports physio and an in-person PT to help me navigate my local gym. I use Dom’s suggestions for exercises in the gym as well as at home. I also swim which can also be logged on Dom’s app. I think I have 2 rest days a week!!!
    But without working hard and sticking to Dom’s plan none of that would be as easy as it is now! I used to compete in triathlons so am used to training hard. But I am so glad I signed up with Dom and I am really looking forward to continuing with my second Custom Fit and seeing more gains.
    Just for reference I have had MS since 2002 and my EDSS is now 6.5.

  12. Ali

    This was my first Custom Fit Program. It was tough to start with but I have really gained in strength, which was my goal. The instruction videos are great and easy to follow and I love that Dom gives you different levels to choose from. The daily emails have been good for knowledge and motivation. The weekly check-in really helped, although I wasn’t very good at booking them regularly! Sorry Dom.

  13. Alison Talboys

    As an NHS GP with relapsing/ remitting MS diagnosed since 2018 I stumbled upon this warrior programme; I wasn’t deliberately looking. I thought my weight and levels of activity were reasonable. I watched from the side lines for a while thinking “I’ve not got the time, with family and work commitments but I’d love to give this a go”. I decided to call Dom. Very sensibly he said “your job won’t change; but your health might “. I signed up for the custom fit programme and started Easter Monday; I set a target of 2kg weight loss; Dom said nothing (I’m sure was secretly smiling!). I was glad the weather was good; lots of salads, fruit, plant yogurt, nuts, eggs meat and fish. I became fuller for longer and started not missing carbs. I had to adapt meals to fit in with my family and managed well with the odd meal out sticking to the general plan. I found the app and calls from Dom very helpful/ flexible and I moved workouts to suit me and learned to exercise generally in whatever clothes I was wearing. Amazingly after 12 weeks I have now lost nearly 7kg (over 1stone ; Dom’s still laughing!) and can lift 3kg weights. I will recommend this warrior programme to my patients and wish all NHS MS patients were given this opportunity to seriously improve their abilities. Thanks Dom! Excellent programme.

  14. Dania

    I have just finished my custom fit programme, I honestly didn’t think I would be able to stick to it due to MS and chronic Lyme Disease but I’ve done it thanks to Dom! I struggled a little bit with the diet because I love food but got there in the end. I achieved everything I set out to. My balance has improved massively, I can actually stand on one leg!! I can now walk a lot further and have toned up really well! I have tried personal trainers in the past but it was always too difficult and they didn’t understand my illnesses, but Dom is a real fountain of knowledge and a genuine lovely person who takes the time to explain and help, I really looked forward to our weekly catch ups! I will never look back, it is the best thing I have done for myself and I feel so much better and a lot less fatigued! I definitely recommend training with Dom, he has changed my life in the last 12 weeks. Thank you Dom!

  15. Roger Cook

    I have just (today as of time of writing) finished this wonderful 12-week programme.
    I started with intention of putting weight on, and although I haven’t numerically achieved much of this yet – I feel so much stronger!
    With this improvement (strength), other physical abilities have improved massively too. Better balance, less fatigue, endurance benefits to list a few.
    Dom has help guide me through this with meaningful expertise and knowledge, for which I am 100% thankful.
    I can not recommend this enough; so much so that I have signed up for another 12!
    The communication is paramount throughout.
    Physically better, and mentally also!
    Tailored to each induvial. Personal all the way!
    What is claimed is bona fide.
    I’ve changed for the better!
    Thank you Dom (& Kerrie).
    PT MS brilliance.

  16. Aneta Pereira (verified owner)

    I am just starting the last week of this wonderful Custom Fit Programme. I am very grateful to Dom for designing it. Thanks to it l have gained more mobility, energy and confidence that l can achieve so much more in life in spite of MS. It also made me realise
    that training doesn’t mean going to the gym and repeating the same exercises the same number of times for years (like l used to). Training actually means increasing number of repetitions and challenging yourself all the time.
    After the programme is finished
    I will definitely try to carry on with the exercises on my own or with the help of one of the other programmes that Dom has got on offer.

  17. Troy Roe

    I was not one to regularly exercise before Dom’s custom fit program! With as much strength as I have gained in 12 weeks, it has shown me, I need to continue exercising! If a person is suffering from ANY disease, I would recommend DOM’s program! At first, I thought it was too much, but then I realized it was just PERFECT!!
    Being Dom cares SO MUCH, about each and every individual, is why I am giving the program a 5 out of 5 rating!

  18. Alison Proctor

    Completed the 12 week custom-built programme and then added an extra month onto it! I felt so motivated and so much better physically and emotionally whilst doing the programme, I didn’t want it to end! I have secondary
    progressive M.S. and spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair, consequently my expectations at the start weren’t too high. But with constant encouragement and support from Dom and his team, I have been amazed at the changes I have been able to make. Thank you Dom!

  19. Lynn Farrant

    This programme has given me purpose for my life. Before I learnt about Dom Thorpe I was on my way to giving up. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees before I learnt about Dom’s Training programme. I felt useless. I never dreamed that there was any kind of training that I could do from a wheelchair but Dom has proved me very wrong! I feel stronger in my mind and in my body. Dom is a great motivator with some very wise words written in his weekly emails. Another of his PT’s called me weekly and she helped me when I needed to ask questions. I have so enjoyed this programme that I am signing up at the end of this programme again for another 12 weeks so that I can increase my strength and balance. Dom’s programme was and is still my perfect go to exercise and eating plan programme. I’ve gone down a trouser size (I no longer wear dresses) which I was really surprised at and because I am not able to stand to be weighed I had my statistics taken and I have lost eight inches from my waist. If you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel then you must give Dom’s Custom Fit Programme real consideration. It’s a life changer!

  20. Nadine

    I thoroughly recommend the Custom Fit programme to anyone who maybe lacks a bit of knowledge about the right exercises to do or is struggling with motivation.
    Having just completed this myself I have seen such positive changes to my health and well-being. My body in general feels stronger and I am back running again which I never thought would happen. Thank you so much Dom and Kerrie for the encouragement and keeping me motivated.

  21. Carina Sternéus

    I’ve realized that I can workout even if I am wheelchair bound and due to tough fatigue. Now I know how to manage my workout sessions with resting periods during the workout and in between. My patience with this is to work on further on.
    Why didnt anyone tell me before this was the best workout for me? Not to push thru a session quick. Or didnt I listen 😋
    I have also been following diet and lost 4 kg. I am now eating a lot of fish and vegetables. To hold this weight is my new goal that I will hold now on my own.
    Also of course to continue the workouts to prevent muscle weakness and improve strenght now that I have been shown by this program that it is possible with the right tools.
    Thanks Dom!

  22. Alison Proctor

    My second time on Custom Built course. This programme is the only thing that motivates me to exercise every day and live a more health life altogether! Great support again from Dom &. Kerrie (thank you both!). I thoroughly recommend the programme!

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