MS Warrior Programme 2

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The MS Warrior Programme 2 is the latest and most complete programme for Multiple Sclerosis from MS Fitness expert Dom Thorpe. This programme is the culmination of 15 years experience working with MS clients and feedback based on 1500 people who’ve done the Original MS Warrior Programme. This programme has all the greatness of the original programme plus: More exercises More customisation More accountability More recipes More ability levels More focus on the lower body More plant based options Giving you: More mobility More control over your weight More strength increases More walking ability More energy More independence Home workout videos emailed daily Meal Plans Recipes Easy Nutrition tracking Daily Digital Motivation Daily Digital Education Accountability Check in calls (optional extra) Online Support Group Weekly Q&A with Dom Thorpe

35 reviews for MS Warrior Programme 2

  1. Nick Pye

    Not done 2 but the first vastly improved my movement, weight and mood.

    • Dom Thorpe

      Thanks Nick. I’m super excited about the 2nd one as it’ll blow the socks off the original one.

  2. Annette Lawrence

    Awesome class, very informative.

  3. Karen Ann Fairclough

    I’m signing up for when I’ve done my M.S warrior program

  4. Jan Fowell

    looks great

  5. Helen stanley

    How to pay?
    Looking forward to it

  6. Christina horton

    Ms warrior 2 – Excellent program I now have the tools for eating and exercising
    Feeling empowered 😀

  7. Lisa Julien

    Brilliant programme gonna do it all again

  8. Gail Wilson

    My body shape has changed dramatically! I am shapelier, I can see my muscles, and I’ve dropped a dress size! The enjoyable workouts have made me stronger and fitter. Different versions of each exercise allow me to tailor the workouts and climb the ability spectrum.

    I have learned a lot about nutrition and the foods that can exacerbate MS symptoms. An improved diet has helped me to lose weight, and I have more energy. Fatigue is a debilitating MS symptom, but I recently managed to walk around Chester Zoo! I have no doubt that this is another positive result of the MS Warrior Programme.

    The programme has given me an arsenal of weapons to fight the MonSter. I am immensely grateful.

  9. Anne Coull

    MS Warrior 2 Programme
    Fantastic exercise programme, the exercise workouts are easy to follow and offer different options for each exercise, allowing you to tailor the workouts according to your ability on that day. Dom gives great advice and explains which muscle each exercise is for and how it will help in everyday tasks and his witty remarks encourage you to push on. Each daily email is full of helpful facts and advice.
    I can highly recommend this programme.

  10. Amanda Readhead

    I completed MSW1 in lockdown and kept going as it was very good but really needed a change for some variety. MSW2 is vastly superior, the variety of options for exercises allows for the variability of this condition meaning you can always do something beneficial even if you need to adapt the exercise for being in your wheelchair on bad days. The ability to fast forward the videos when you know the exercise is great and the daily emails are a good kick up the backside to get up and get moving! Would definitely recommend.

  11. Sally Greatrex

    Became confident, gained more control over my body, balance better, stronger. Hard work at times. I had to stop the program for a while but aim to start program again shortly. I noticed how quickly the body slips backwards. I know how well this program works and I intend to complete program second time round and come out the other end a fitter, confident person. Thank you Dom and team you have given me hope.

  12. Zainab Boateng

    Really good program, I’ve noticed I’ve got better movement, mobility, mood and I’ve lost some weight to boot! Would definitely recommend!

  13. Lynn Farrant

    I did the Warrior 2 Work outs first time around but looking at this new package I feel it’s better than ever before and after falling off the wagon again! I have realised that if I don’t want progression in my MS then I must progress in the exercises that Dom Thorpe is creating for people with disabilities whatever it is. I keep learning the hard way by being lazy and giving up. Not this time, I know only too much how I need this Warrior 2 programme! Thank you Dom Thorpe.

  14. Ruth George

    Having previously done Ms warrior and MS warrior 2 programmes, i am so glad i took the leap and joined up with the MS warrior alliance group. I’ve found the accountabilty, weekly zooms, and being part of a group most beneficial. i feel more in control of my diet, i have lost a stone, i feel fitter and stronger and am looking forward to the DOMS club to continue with my progress

  15. Michelle Tibbles

    MSW2 programme was just what I needed! I was sitting at home doing nothing to help myself and feeling pretty rubbish. I’d been following Dom on FB and after a few months, bit the bullet and signed up! I’ve just finished the 12 weeks but following a bout of ill health, I missed some sessions so I’m restarting on Monday because it’s helped in so many ways. Better education around food, better flexibility and strength! Thank you Dom.

  16. Bill

    Dom’s programes have given me a much better quality of life. I started with MS warrior in January of 2020 and just finished MS warrior 2. I have learned not to stop training. What a blessing to be able to repeat the programmes without paying again. They definitely work if you make the effort.

  17. Anne Widdup

    Dom’s programmes are excellent. I think they are suitable for anyone with a disability, whatever their age or state of health when they begin. Even though I had a bad relapse after the first week (nothing to do with starting the programme) which I am still recovering from, Dom’s emails kept me inspired and motivated, as well as informed. When I’m recovered from the relapse – as much as I can, I’ll be able to restart and gain all the benefits I know I will get as I work through it. I can’t wait.

  18. Mrs Michele Skilton

    I have just finished the 12 week MS Warrior 2 programme. I have never been one for exercise but this programme has changed things for me, not only for my physical health but also my mental health. I intend to carry on with exercising as I have enjoyed it so much and I would advise anyone who has doubts about it to give it a go.

  19. Karin

    Cannot recomend this programme more highly. When I started my first workout on day 1 I cried because I was so unfit and I found it so hard. I’m 41 and newly diagnosed (1 year). MS really struck me down, 5 relapses in the time since diagnosis. Felt like a pensioner during my first workout. Could not do more than 2-3 workouts per week at first. But gradually I got stronger, fitter, leaner and friends started commenting that my posture was better, my face colour was pinker, my arms looked better and boyfriend said I now have abs. I can now do a week of workouts and don’t feel like a pensioner anymore, and my body feels so much fitter. I can walk much further too, don’t get out of breath walking up the stairs, and the muscle pains don’t last so long anymore. Instead it feels like normal muscle pains after a gym workout, not a punishment. Like good pain, you know what I mean?
    I love the daily motivational emails, Dom really knows what he’s talking about, he’s got personal experience with MS in the family. The ladies in the videos are great (they have MS) and the videos are so motivational and entertaining. Loved it and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

  20. Gareth Hales

    I’ve nearly completed the 12 week course MS Warrior 2 programme, and have found the whole experience very rewarding. It’s helped me discover new routines and habits for my exercise programme. Continued exercise is a life style choice and being on the course with Don and his team has allowed me to continue on the journey once more. Well worth it, and I look forward to starting it over again.

  21. Carol

    Can’t believe I stuck with it, but I really feel that this is because it was so accessible and do- able. Kind of lost my way in the last two weeks, mainly because it was my partner’s big birthday and there was lots to do. Still managed some though and will continue to do so. Or a version of them, at least. I do miss my yoga class, so will incorporate that into the W2 programme, somehow.

    • Dom Thorpe

      Glad you enjoyed it! We’ve got Yoga classes starting in The DOMS Club soon. Keep a look out for updates.

  22. Shirley Mchardy

    Varied and consistent exercise programme. 3 level abilities, good instruction and explanation.

  23. Markus Gruber

    I´m a veteran when it comes to these programs. I have done MS Warrior Program 1, 2 and the Custom Fit. I cannot recommend highly enough each of those programs. MSW 1 was the one, that made me stick to a daily fitness routine for the first time in my life. Custom fit got me seriously in the best shape of my life and now MSW2 makes me maintain my fitness and strength.

  24. Michelle Arthy

    If you’ve never done any exercises before, this is the program for you, the MS Warrior2 builds confidence and strength and it takes into consideration all MS cases and has exercises that caters for all abilities. If you want to take charge of you MS and get back on with living your life, get signed up and take back control, you won’t regret a moment! Can’t recommend it enough

  25. Ella Shaul

    The Warrior 2 program has given me more strength and I’ve noticed I can walk further. Easy to follow and fit into my daily life, I’m going to take what I have learnt and feel confident to walk into a gym again 😊

  26. Anne-Marie Hayes

    Really enjoyed the Warrior 2 programme. Having the ladies alongside Dom, doing the other options of the exercises really helped. The variety of exercises and the length of the videos was great for me and helped me fit it into my day. Feel stronger which has helped me get back into walking and will definitely be repeating this programme in the future! The daily emails are very informative and learned quite a bit from them. I would definitely recommend this!

  27. Carla Bates

    A fantastic program providing a daily informative, inspirational, and instructional email with an adaptive exercise session. Suited for people with MS of all mobility levels that helps build strength, balance, and improve one’s physical ability.

  28. Kirsty

    It’s not a cure all, fix it for you type of a deal BUT it does give you the tools to get stronger, get fitter and feel healthier. For me personally, I have lost 4.5 stone since doing MSW1 and recently completed MSW2 – it has been an absolute game changer for me – I can now ride my bike and go swimming after 10 years of being at a higher end of disability – so it has helped me access other forms of fitness too. I modified the programme to suit me and didn’t overly stick to the diet but incorporated more of those meals in my diet plan. Dom is likeable and easy to understand and in MSW2 the addition of altered exercises with folks who have MS was really helpful to be able to see them do the exercises too. 100% would recommend if you’re ready to put the work in.

  29. Diane Bragg

    Thanks Dom (and the gang) . I’ve never been to a gym in my life (even before I was ‘disabled’ ) so I am surprised that I went the distance with this ! I did miss the odd day -perhaps 4 ? and didn’t follow the diet to the letter, but my legs are stronger, I can now lift my weak foot/leg without assistance and I have lost weight (down to 9st 5lb – the lowest in some years), I will continue with the exercises, possibly 3 or 4 times a week and try to tune into your weekly QandA sessions, Thanks again.

  30. Alison Annabelle

    I needed this. Can’t say that I learned anything new about nutrition but I do look at it differently now. Loved all DOMS regular emails for inspiration. Needed an awesome exercise program and you did not disappoint. There were a couple that I just couldn’t do but otherwise it was awesome. Will continue this. Can say that I haven’t used my cane in a number of weeks. Thankyou!

  31. Robert Oldham

    Just about to complete MS WARRIOR 2, and feeling fitter, stronger, more optimistic. Having lived with MS for over 15 years I can categorically say that the two MS Warrior programmes are the BEST thing that you can do to sustain an active life.
    Don’t view this as a 12 week programme- keep going with the exercises and just make it part of your life.
    Thanks Dom & team

  32. Georgiana Stanley

    Thank you so much for a fantastic program which is actually understanding to MS needs. Found the nutrition part really helpful and now understand what foods are my problem. Struggle still with my balance but now able to walk outside to the washing line and back in without any aid!!!! A small victory but one I can build on now I know how and I can do it. Thank you so much for giving me hope again

  33. Carol

    I have been doing this programme for about a year now – I probably average about 4 times a week. I have found it HUGELY helpful, particularly for my mind. It’s good for my body too, but the fact that I have stuck to it speaks volumes – it is accessible and easy to build upon. Greatly appreciated.

  34. Suzanne Osborne

    Thank you Dom for doing all these programs! Especially the 1 to 1 program. It has helped me to walk better and my balance on good days has improved. I’ll likely do this program again, hoping for bigger improvements. Thanks Dom & Kerry & Dania(sp?).
    You guys are great!

  35. cheryl

    I’m on week 12of the ms warrior2 program and have really enjoyed the process. Dom’s exercises combined with the daily emails was brilliant. I’m feeling fitter and working with weights has been a bit of a light bulb moment for me. In the past I was a marathon and munro bagging outdoor fitness geek. After MS started to curtailed that, I tried to keep doing what I had been but shorter time frames or distances. I was exhausted and very demoralised seeing my fitness slide downhill. Now I can see a way to get more strength and endurance thanks to Dom and his team. My husband’s even joined in on the weight training at times and really enjoyed it so we have a new activity to do together.

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