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A 12 week MS Health & Fitness Programme – From Google’s #1 ranked Personal Trainer for Multiple Sclerosis

Minimise progression of your condition, fight fatigue, increase strength, functionality, fitness, and move yourself UP the ability spectrum with this easy-to-understand 12 week MS Fitness Programme.

***requires dumbbells or access to a gym***


£9.99 / week for 12 weeks
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Minimise progression of your condition, fight fatigue, increase strength, functionality, fitness, and move yourself UP the ability spectrum with this easy-to-understand 12 week MS Fitness Programme.

  • Overcome fatigue with carefully considered exercise sessions.
  • Get constant motivation from my daily emails
  • Improve your function and physical ability with individually designed workouts
  • Slow the progression of your condition with the latest exercise and nutrition advice for people with MS
  • Save time with convenient online workout videos which can be done in the home or gym.
  • Easily control your weight with my MS Warrior diet plan.
  • Enjoy tasty, guilt free recipes which won’t harm your body.
  • Get the programme that works for YOU with the 3 level split categories.
  • Learn how to manage your symptoms and beat your body limitations.
  • Reach difficult to train muscle groups such as core, hip flexors, glutes and stabiliser muscles.
  • Get useful tips on how to fight common barriers such as heat sensitivity, bad balance, L’Hermittes, The MS hug, lack of strength, lack of time and lack of money.

My MS warrior programme has been designed using my 10 years of experience training people with MS. Perfect if you don’t know where to start or what to do, OR if you’ve been training for a while and need some new stimulus for your training regime.

With this programme you’ll get:

  • Healthy recipes and shopping lists to help you fill the cupboards
  • Daily, emails to motivate and educate you
  • 12 week weight training programmes to carry out in the gym*
  • An MS friendly nutrition plan which works for weight loss
  • A series of exercise videos to be carried out in the home

In order to ensure that the programme meets your level of capability I break it up into the following categories:

Category A – Little or no visible symptoms.

Assumes you can walk capably, and grip with both hands.

Category B – Difficulty walking, use a stick and occasionally a wheelchair

Assumes you have some strength in your legs, can walk, aided or unaided for short periods and have a reasonable grip in both hands.

Category C – Full time wheelchair users

Assumes little or no movement in the lower body, reasonable upper body functionality and reasonable grip in both hands.

*offered for Category A or B clients only

If you require more motivation or a more bespoke approach, you should consider my MS Bespoke Fit Programme. A 12 week bespoke MS Fitness programme designed specifically for you with your requirements in mind.

27 reviews for MS Warrior Training Programme

  1. Shane (verified owner)

    After following the programme I lost weight and also learned how to give my body the right fuel to reduce my symptoms. Daily motivational emails, good diet plan and exercises together with a great coach. I would definitely recommend.

  2. Lesley Cartwright (verified owner)

    This programme changed my life. I have gained confidence and ability and am no longer afraid of my MS. I have learned a great deal about diet and exercise and how it affects not only my physical wellness but my emotional wellbeing in a very positive way. I followed the diet and changed what I ate but not how much so I was never hungry. I lost a stone in weight but I lost 10 inches off my waist and dropped 2 dress sizes. I have reached the end of this 12 week programme but will continue to diet and exercise and I am very much looking forward to phase 2. I would recommend this to anyone with a long term health condition, not just Multiple Sclerosis as it puts you back in charge of your life again.

  3. Anne Coull (verified owner)

    Thank you Dom, I am so glad that I signed up for your MS Warrior Programme, your daily motivational emails, exercises and easy to follow eating plan have made me feel so much better and more able to cope with my MS. I now feel in charge of my life again. You are an inspiration Dom, the exercises were a struggle to begin with but I persevered along with you in the daily exercise videos and I’m so glad that I did. I would highly recommend this plan.

  4. Matthew Taylor

    Been an absolutely fantastic experience for myself. Changed my diet completely and lost well over a stone. Have a lot more energy to do things now. Highly recommend trying It

  5. Helen

    Well worth the investment in Dom, his well thought out programme of exercises that challenge but don’t overtire you, or make you feel inadequate, and easy to follow nutrition guides that you can use to simplify your diet with all the healthy food you need. I have just finished the 12 week MS Warrior programme and have lost weight , feel stronger and better informed about exercise and it’s importance in managing my wellbeing.

  6. Karen Pearce

    I was already an exerciser but had lost my mojo and needed a boot up the bum to get going again. I was also guilty of only doing things that I didn’t find difficult and not pushing myself.
    As a result of this programme my walking speed has mostly increased with a few less trips over my own feet. I’ve also become braver with weights for my arms and back and as a result drying my hair and hanging out the washing are not as painful.
    It’s definitely prompted me to push myself more, so I’ve found a new pilates class that works me harder.
    I would have liked 3 parts rather than 2, because towards the end of each 6 week part I was getting a little bored, maybe because I’m used to following classes and DVD’s where things are changed up a bit more frequently (I am a Jillian Michael’s follower) but that’s probably just me.
    The daily emails are the perfect start to the day and really add substance to the programme.
    Would recommend to anyone as a way of getting your exercise and eating plan on track.

  7. Leslie

    This MS Warrior Program was just what I needed and was looking for. Dom encouraged me through every workout and his daily emails provided valuable information, as well as encouragement. From the recommended diet to the daily exercises to my new outlook on MS, I would HIGHLY recommend this program. Thank you, Dom!

  8. Catherine Bebbington

    This has been a life changing experience for me. I haven’t always been able to exercise as often as the programme suggests, but I have gone from very little exercise to working out at least two or thee times a week. I have lost 10 pounds and I have loved feeling more energised and healthier over all. This is just the beginning for me. I will be continuing with the exercises and have changed my eating habits for good. I had already experimented with diet and exercise but this has given me the extra motivation I needed. And I LOVED the daily emails, they helped a lot.

    Thank you so much Dom!

  9. Mark Dewar

    What a surprise it was finding that i was able to exercise , Had given into just being a hopeless case of laziness ,No motivation , No will, No point
    I then discovered Dom , His healthy eating plan and motivational emails with a exercise regime which was challenging to start with but became a part of my everyday life. I lost weight ,nearly 13lbs in the first week. Thats when the exercise became more enjoyable and a realisation that putting in the effort absolutely makes all the difference to my MS Symptoms . Hey there were times when i couldn’t physically carry out a certain exercise , the motivation was always there from Dom and everyone else in the Group.
    This has totally changed my outlook towards going forward with MS and i would totally recommend anyone to get on board and go for it.

  10. Aileen Cochrane

    I would highly recommend this programme to anyone. After the first 5 weeks of the exercises and healthier eating – I was feeling more energised and walking slightly better. I had also lost 6lbs which was great. I unfortunately fell off the rails as got bad news about a family member plus the summer heat exhausted me and I started eating a bad diet again with a ‘what’s the point’ attitude. The daily emails however were motivational and meant that I continued to do at least some exercises when I had time.
    Dom was very helpful as well when the programme changed halfway and I was struggling with one of them suggesting an alternative way to do the exercise.
    In conclusion I think this plan is an excellent start to healthy eating and exercises. I have started the programme again and I am seriously considering the custom fit programme as well.

  11. Rob

    This course has given me the confidence to get up and move again. I have lost a stone in weight and become stronger all over my body. I would recommend to anyone suffering with MS to give it a try.

  12. Jo

    Dom is actually the first trainer that I have encountered who knows about MS, who understands and has explained things regarding keeping well as possible with MS. The exercises are hard to begin with but not impossible which means you can stay consistent and move up the ability spectrum! The nutrition guidance means you have fewer reactions to things that cause inflammation, I have lost weight and moved up the ability scale. His daily emails are encouraging and informative (and funny) like his videos. Well worth the money and definitely worth a try.

  13. Lisa G

    I’m on my last week of the MS Warrior Program and just wanted to say “thank you Dom” for an awesome program 😊
    I’ve learnt so much from your daily emails and the diet is a new way of life for me from now on. Totally different to how I used to eat and has made such a difference to a number of my symptoms/problems. My head is clearer, dizziness has improved, fatigue has improved, no headaches, no longer need to take laxitives, skin is clear. Leaning how to eat healthily has made such a difference. Amazing.
    The program has given me something to focus on. By exercising in the correct way, along with the diet, it is definitely a new way of doing things for me from now on.
    I wanted to maintain my weight which I have done through having suitable snacks. So all good.
    I’m planning on doing the warrior program again and also trying some different exercises from your utube channel then I’ll take it from there. Thanks again x

  14. David Graham

    I just completed Dom’s 12 week MS warrior training programme and I feel all the better for it.
    After following the leg exercises I feel I have a lot more control over my left leg which was prone to dragging and getting tired quickly. I now have a lot more control and strength in that leg and have even been able to do some running.

    I have drastically cut down my sugar intake (which used to be very high – I love chocolate and jelly sweets!!) and also my carb in take is a lot lower. The more MS friendly food that I have been making tastes great and the whole family has been getting involved with the diet plan to. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to lose weight, but I did have to start eating a lot healthier than I had been.

    Dom’s daily emails are informative and some of them make you think about yourself and your condition. I found them useful and felt they helped me focus on what I was wanting to gain from the programme; which was fitness, control over my MS and a more positive outlook for myself VS. MS.

    I would recommend this programme to anyone. Especially those that go to the gym now and then and don’t have a clue what their supposed to be doing, or find that they give up after about 3 weeks because nothing seems to be happening!
    Thank you Dom!

  15. Lisa Helsby

    The best thing I could have done was to sign up for MS Warrior. The daily emails are supportive, informative and encouraging and I’ve gone from the exercises at home to going to a gym 3 times a week and doing a pilates lesson once a week. The diet has totally changed my eating habits and I’ve lost 20 lb so far. I feel like I’m part of a big extended family and what the support and positivity has done for my mental health is fantastic. I have 2pms and signing up for the programme was me just refusing to lie down and give up, and I feel so motivated and positive! If you are thinking of doing this, I’d say without hesitation to do it, it’s just been a fantastic experience and will be carrying on with everything I’ve learnt, the exercises and the eating plan. Superb programme from someone who really understands.

  16. Lisa

    This programme has genuinely changed my life for the better. The daily emails I received have been positive, informative and super encouraging, and the group as a whole feels like being part of a really supportive xtended family. Following the eating plan has helped me transform how I eat and I’ve lost 20lb so far. The exercises are great and I actually go to pilates once a week and follow a 3x weekly gym programme now on the back of my confidence being built with Dom. I have 2pms and the programme never fails to be encouraging and super positive. It has taught me so much and I really feel that I’m in a better place now than I was 3 months ago. I’m going to carry on with everything I’ve learnt on the programme and can only recommend it. Dom understands about MS and joining Warrior has given me the support of a big extended family. The condition clearly is rubbish but I feel armed with the knowledge of what I can do with my diet and exercise to really fight positively. It’s been a complete game changer for me.
    Thanks so. so much Dom

  17. Krista

    This program has really helped me learn how to exercise without always fatiguing. I used to do a workout and then not be able to workout again for a week at least. With this one, I could get a doable workout according to the schedule and never tapped out. First time in forever! I really liked the email delivery each day. If I had to go to program page, I wouldn’t have followed through as I have not followed through other programs. I also opted for the sitting version and it showed me what I really could do. I feel good.

  18. Louise Humphrey

    I love this programme, I feel much more confident and more in control of my life. Dom gives excellent advice on all sorts of different topics. The exercises are enjoyable as are the daily emails. Thank you so much Dom. Would definitely recommend this programme.

  19. Bill Powell

    I have just finished Dom Thorpe’s 12 week MS warrior programe category B. I have a notable improvement in my energy level and mobility. Not to mention my goal was to loose 20 pounds, I crushed it! I have lost 32 pounds and am still losing. I am amazed at how easy it has been for me. My only complaint would be almost 3 weeks of bowel issues. I guess 59 years of eating shit and your body takes a bit to cleanse.lol Dom presents everything in a way even I can understand. The exercises are very easy to follow and presented in a way one can easily adapt to not matter how you are challenged. Thank you Dom Thorpe for putting together such an awesome programe!

  20. Nicki Hall

    I have just finished the warrior programme, it has been a tough twelve weeks as getting some of the bits for the recipes has been a little bit difficult due to the nationwide lockdown but the actual programme has been fabulous lost some weight, got some mojo back and feel great. Thanks Dom. Would recommend this programme

  21. Elsa Hardman-Clark

    Brilliant programme!

  22. Jo Keates

    This is a great programme and I am both happy and sad to have reached week 12! I will continue but will have to motivate myself to do it, without the constant reminders and group support. I joined as lockdown started for covid 19 and was so happy to have something to focus on and something to do when I couldn’t go for my old normal routine. I have lost 4kg without even trying as Dom reminds us constantly to think about our food intake. This is a brilliant programme and well worth the money. I think it will just keep giving for as long as I need it. Thank you Dom, it is the perfect programme for those with MS, both more and less able. I hope you can keep up your good work for as long as you want! X

  23. Diana

    This program has been great. The Warrior program not only increases health and movement/strength but increases confidence. Dom remains available to everyone in the program for help and advice. He helps to give suggestions and adjustments to the food plan and help to make further adjustments for accomplishing movement goals if you are struggling. He knows and understands the situations we are in and doesn’t get impatient. He quickly becomes your pal in the process.

  24. Mhairi

    This is a great programme and Dom gives great motivation, just what i needed to get active and loose weight. I feel stronger and 2 stone lighter !! Thanks Dom.

  25. Jan Wigfield

    Just finishing my twelfth week and I’ve found the whole experience amazing. I’ve lost 8kgs which was my aim, Never felt hungry or craved anything. I’ve reenable to do all of the exercises although some were difficult. Dom’s videos explained everything clearly. I’ve learned how to eat properly to maintain my weight and how exercises can help keep me strong.

  26. Emma

    I took advantage of the discounted offer on this program. Its been beneficial and worth the investment. On the plus side:
    1. The exercises are easy to follow and suited to my ability. My condition means that I had limited mobility (but could walk short periods). I had trouble with balance and lost confidence.
    2. Dom was just the right amount of cheese to get through 😉
    3. Over the 12 week period I found noticeable improvement in my posture, balance and underlying confidence.

    These outcomes made my investment more than worthwhile.

    On the negative side as a vegetarian for 30 years and vegan for 10 the recipes and diet regime were not suited to me. While I understood that this would be the case it was disappointing on a couple of occasions to receive the daily email containing Doms personal opinion on vegan diets rather than the program addressing nutritional alternatives. Had I not been so aware of the nutritional requirements of my condition this would have been more of an issue in signing up to the program.

    Overall I found this to be a great experience and I will continue to follow the exercise regime. Thanks Dom!☺

  27. Nadine

    A brilliant program. My balance has improved and my legs are stronger. The daily emails give you motivation and the nutrition advice was really helpful. I’m so glad I found the program as it has given me the confidence to continue exercising. Thanks Dom you are a star!

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