The same rules still apply to all people, disability, or no disability.

One of the things which struck me when I first started personal training for disabled people was their attitude towards fitness. There was a lack of awareness overall. The simple concept that “the same rules apply” wasn’t getting through to people.

Everything I preach is based on simple rules:

  • Weight is gained when more fuel is consumed than necessary.
  • Weight is lost when less than the required amount of fuel is consumed.
  • Muscles grow in size when they are stressed to the point of failure.
  • Strength increases when heavy loads are pushed or pulled.
  • Stamina increases when they body is worked for longer than is comfortable.
  • Flexibility is increased when muscled are stretched to their limit, repeatedly for longer periods of time.

The rues are the same, but sometimes they way you achieve them differs. All of the common exercises are designed with able bodied people in mind. The point of the exercise remains the same; To achieve one of the above goals. But sometimes we need to start with a blank canvas to figure out new, bespoke ways to cause the desired effects. The end goal is the same and all it takes is a little thought and consideration.

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