Pearl, Berkshire (Guillain Barré)

The nightmare started in July 2008, when I contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome, a condition of the peripheral nervous system, causing paralysis from the neck down and leaving me in hospital for 7 x months, initially in ICU and then into a rehab unit.

I of course, received a lot of great physio, which continued when I finally got to go home. On one of my follow up appointments with my neuro consultants, he told me, that he thought I should be doing more exercise. I was really upset and angry, here I was doing all this physio only to be told it was not enough! My carer at the time, suggested I look for a Personal Trainer and that is how I found Dom online. He was the only Trainer who mentioned any experience working with disabled clients.

I was in a wheelchair – still am – but we started working together, initially at home, then boxing in the park and finally, thanks to his contacts, I was able to join the gym at London South Bank University. All of this changed everything for me.

Instead of feeling down, tired, my muscles wasting away, I was back! Exercise makes you feel good, really good about yourself, not only in body but just as important in mind as well. I did not feel like a second class citizen any more. Dom treated me – most of the time – like all his able bodied clients, no soft regime for me. That made me feel normal. We also laughed a lot, so important when the going is tough.

I moved out from London a few years ago, but I am still seeing a Personal Trainer, swimming and going to a gym. My body is really strong – I can leg press 60K – toned – no bingo wings for me and I feel really good about myself. If you are disabled in any way, it’s so important to keep moving. Dom showed me what was possible, and I would recommend him 100% to do the same for you!

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