The 14 Most Common Tricks That People Fall For When It Comes To Health & Fitness

  1. Wanting results too quickly – be realistic about your goals. Hoping   to achieve too much in too little time is the biggest reason people fall off the wagon.
  2. Doing the wrong type of training – classically, hitting the gym and doing cardio only, or swimming only. The best thing for your body is a mix of resistance, cardio, flexibility and whatever else you enjoy.
  3. Subscribing to common exercise myths – e.g. “doing sit ups to burn fat on your tummy” or “eating late at night makes you gain weight”.
  4. Overtraining – thinking that more is better, when really your exercise regime should be carefully structured around sufficient recovery time and rest periods, ensuring that all muscle groups are trained once or twice per week.
  5. Over-fuelling – Typically, consuming energy drinks during workouts, protein shakes after workouts or eating high calorie breakfasts such as porridge or granola prior to a day of inactivity. These all offset your weight loss goals by increasing your calorie intake.
  6. Comparing yourself to idols – getting frustrated because you don’t seem to reach the same level as people on Instagram of in your favourite magazines. They’re often photoshopped or have spent a very long time getting themselves into this condition.
  7. Not being aware of what it actually takes – for example, reading Madonna’s latest yoga regime and thinking that will make you look like Madonna, when really it’s her diet and all of the supporting exercise sessions she does that make up the bigger picture.
  8. Lying to themselves – pretending that either a) you’re willing to put in the mileage in the first place or b) not acknowledging the slips ups, missed workouts, alcohol binges or small snacking that prevents you from reaching your goals.
  9. Falling for fads – adopting the wrong diet because you’ve seen a celebrity do it or read that it’ll cure your condition, when often these diets leave gaping holes in your nutrition profile.
  10. Spending money on useless equipment – thinking that the new piece of equipment will be the fix that you were looking for when really, it’s about consistency, progression, nutrition and recovery – irrespective of the equipment you use.
  11. Weighing in too frequently – becoming disillusioned because you gained a pound overnight, when really you should be looking at the general direction of the line, not the peaks and troughs.
  12. Having unrealistic goals – wanting to walk within a few weeks of starting your training regime and not realising that small incremental gains over a long period are the secret to success.
  13. Giving up when things get tough – not appreciating that maintaining a healthy body is a result of avoiding everyday challenges that society throws at you such as addictive foods, alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle and then giving up as soon as you fall for these temptations.
  14. Not taking action – this one simply stops you from achieving anything at all and it’s one of the most common reasons people don’t achieve their goals. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of injury and fear of looking silly are all factors which prevent people from setting out to achieve their goals. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try, so don’t let fear prevent you from getting started.

Dom Thorpe – Disability Fitness Specialist

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