The Best Help I Can Offer Over the Coming Months

As the weeks have progressed things have gotten more and more serious regarding Coronavirus and at the end of last week schools, nurseries and public places closed their doors for the foreseeable future.

This is having a varying impact on different groups people, such as business owners and their employees, working families who have to balance their day jobs with look after young children and vulnerable people who are recommended to spend the next 12 weeks in isolation.

I’m not entirely sure how this will affect my business. Only time will tell, although I consider myself very lucky to have made the move from face to face fitness training to online training because it means I can continue to help people across the globe.

I’ve thought long and hard about how best to help and support those who’ll be spending the next few months in isolation. Since all of this has unfolded I’ve had many people thank me for my programmes and mention how perfect the timing is now they’ve started and how it’s not only given them something to focus on, but also how it’s “bringing back joy into my life” – to quote a recent message I received.

I’m very aware that many of my followers find it difficult to allocate what little financial resources they do have to a programme like mine, and since my daughter’s nursery has closed I don’t have any spare time to offer free live exercises classes so here’s what I’m going to do…

To help those struggling financially I have created a “pay what you can afford” offer. This is to help out those with financial difficulties so please don’t take advantage of me.

I’ve created a number of different discount codes meaning you can purchase my MS Warrior Programme or Fatigue Fit Programme for as little as £10 – but I reiterate…the idea is to “pay what you can afford” rather than “pay as little as possible”.


  • if the prospect of isolation for the next 12 weeks has you concerned for your sanity as well as your health
  • if you’ve been planning to get started but haven’t gotten around to it
  • If you’ve suddenly realised that health is important and want to make a change
  • If your fitness is declining and you don’t know what to do
  • If your weight has increased and your mobility has decreased
  • If you just want something to entertain you whilst improving your health over the next 12 weeks…

I hope that by having something to read and participate in each day it will give you a little bit more to look forward to over the coming months.

I genuinely believe that having something to take the focus away from this terrible situation and shift it towards your health and mental well-being will be the best way to get you through this rough period. My way of helping you do that is to make my programmes as accessible as possible.

The discount codes below are valid until the end of the month and can be applied when checking out:

25% off: Coronavirus25

50% off: Coronavirus50

75% off: Coronavirus75

90% off: Coronavirus90

12 week programme suitable for those with various stages of MS from little or no symptoms to wheelchair users. Click below for more info.

6 week programme suitable for those who can walk but their most pressing challenge is fatigue. Click below for more info.

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