Tips for surviving an indulgent December

Father Fitmas is here and he’s got a sack of tips for you to help you get through a temptation filled December without hitting January feeling like a blimp.

  • Offset – let’s face it…mince pies are tempting and they’re gonna be in your face for the next 30 days. If you are gonna beef up on calorific treats, make savings elsewhere but cutting back on unnecessary calories. Skip breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever bit you find least important during this time of the year. If your dinner is 2000 or 3000 calories, you probably don’t need much more food for the day (or the following day).
  • Lift weights – weight gain is GOOD if it’s muscle so instead of storing all of the excess calories as fat, why don’t you channel them into your muscles, whilst increasing strength and overall function? Bulking season is a real things for fitness buffs so make December your bulking season by regularly working those muscles to build strength.
  • Prepare mentally – instead of thinking “oh, screw it, I blew it” plan your indulgences so you know when, where and what they are, so you can be ready to get back in the game straight afterwards. E.g. go into Christmas knowing that you’re gonna slacken the rules a bit on 24th, 25th and even 26th, but from 27th it’s GAME ON! At least until the 31st, but then it’s GAME ON! again from 1st Jan…or maybe 2nd Jan depending on how hard you go on NYE.
  • Get set up NOW for January so you can it the New Year with a flying start. I’m already signing up clients for the New Year, which is cool because although I’ll be training hard throughout December, I’m very aware that some people want to wait until the New Year when they can focus properly. Fine by me, but don’t be the person who doesn’t know what they’re doing and ends up waiting until 2 weeks before your summer holiday to get fit. That’s not how fitness works.

Happy December!!!!!

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