What I learnt from a Lemon Meringue Pie

At the weekend I hosted a “Night of Sensory Indulgence” and I learned an important lesson. The dishes were based on each of the senses and the “smell” course was a lemon meringue pie with lemon fragranced smoke. Here’s a quick look – and yes, I’m showboating but only because I’m quite pleased with myself.


But the important thing here isn’t the lemon smoke, it’s the lesson that came during the cooking of the pie. My first attempt was unsuccessful as the meringue was chewy and brown. I hadn’t whisked the egg well enough and consequently it didn’t work. I’d tried doing it with my hand but my arm endurance wasn’t good enough.

I did a quick bit of research on Google and learned that I need to whisk it more, using an electric whisk and cook it slowly, on a lower heat so I decided I’d try and salvage the pie.

I didn’t want to start the whole thing again so I removed the meringue topper and cooked a new meringue separately. Fortunately this one worked so I was able to place it nicely atop the pie and everything was rescued.

So what’s the lesson here? Well…often when people try something, if they “fail” at it they give up and never try again. Instead of learning from the failure and doing it differently they just adopt the attitude “I can’t do it” or “it didn’t work”.

I see this in an exercise context all the time. People try something, don’t get the result they hoped for or worse, end up injuring themselves and give up. They don’t take the important step of asking “what caused the failure?” and “what could I do different to make it work?”.

It’s ok to make errors or have failures as long as we learn from them. In the above I learned what not to do, and the next time I tried I was more successful. If I did it again, it would be even better as I’d do it slightly differently. Each time we try, if we take feedback from the previous attempts and adjust based on what we’ve learned we’ll get better and better.

Hope that helps you with your future learning.

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