What You Don’t Know About the Next 3 Months

The next three months could be the best time ever to start a training regime.

Wanna know why?

For most of us…the next three months will be the clearest run we’re ever gonna get at sticking to a healthy eating and training regime.

Let me explain. I spend all day talking to prospective clients to find out if I can help them achieve their goals. It’s very common to hear phrases like:

  • I wanna wait until xxx because I’ve got a holiday coming up and will start after that.
  • I’ve got a busy social calendar over the next few weeks so I’ll start after that.

My response is usually the same for everyone. I tell them that there’ll never be a clear 12 weeks with no holidays, illnesses, social events etc. That’s not real life so you may as well start now and ride the highs and lows as they come.

It’s better to start now than wait, and action takers are the people who succeed more often.

However, right now we are entering a golden era whee there will be no holidays, no social events, no birthday parties and no colleagues bringing cake into the office.

If like me, you’re spending the next 12 weeks at home as a result of Coronavirus you’ve got complete control and no barriers to get in your way.

Panic buyers have calmed down so now the shops are heavily stocked and they’re staying open to help provide us with fresh food.

It’s the only time I’ll ever be saying “right now you have a clear 12 weeks to focus entirely on your fitness”.

I’ll say it again…No parties. No holidays. No social events and nobody bringing cake or treats around the office.

It’s the perfect time to focus on your health and get a really good run.

So if you must spend the next 12 weeks at home hiding from this virus…spend it wisely by focusing on improving your mobility, strength, body composition and mindset.

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