When anxiety holds you back…

Anxiety can make us do weird things. And sometimes it can stop us from doing good things. Really good things. Things which benefit us in the long term.

Let me tell you a short story.

Recently someone signed up to the MS Warrior Programme and asked for a refund within a couple of hours. It seems anxiety got the better of her and she started to worry that the programme would be too hard or out of her league.

Now, I know for a fact it won’t be, but sometimes anxiety can make us a little irrational. This is normal and it can be quite common in cases of chronic illness or depression.

It can be very difficult to eliminate anxiety but sometimes some basic methods of managing our thought processes can help. When anxiety strikes, we assume the worst. The “bad” scenario instills great fear into us and it prevents us from taking action.

The potential loss overcomes the potential gain, when in most cases the potential gain is far greater than the potential loss. Sometimes it helps to list the pros and cons, so trying to make this a habit can be helpful.

Using the above example we could say “what’s the worst that can happen?”

  • Attempt the programme and it’s too tough. Then what? Ask to try the next level down.
  • Maybe that’s still too tough? Try the level after that
  • Still too tough? Then you ask for your money back or investigate the Custom Fit Programme upgrade
  • Maybe you don’t stick to it – well, doing anything is better than nothing
  • Maybe the nutrition plan is scary – that’s only one third of the programme, the exercise and the education being the other two thirds. Better to do that and still eat crap, than to eat crap, not exercise and not learn about your health.
  • Afraid of “failing”? – You can’t. There’s no win or lose. There’s no pass or fail. You only win when you try and you only fail if you don’t.

Now let’s look at the positives:

  • Get stronger
  • Get more mobile
  • Lose or gain weight, depending on your goals
  • Understand nutrition better
  • Understand how to manage your symptoms better
  • Feel much better about everything
  • Learn that you do have some control over what your body is capable of
  • Gain more independence

When we put it all down on paper it seems like a logical decision, but that’s not how the mind works. When we keep things in our mind, logic can go out of the window. We feel incapable, like we can’t help ourselves and like there’s no way out.

But there is, it’s just we can’t see it until things are written down clearly for us to see.

It doesn’t matter what it is. I’ve used the Warrior Programme as an example but it could be going out for a coffee, a date, the shops, taking a course, applying for a job. ANYTHING!

Put things down in plain sight and you’ll see a different picture.

I hope that helps anyone struggling with anxiety right now. It’s not a magic fix, but it may well help so give it a go.

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