When the going gets tough…

Word up, folks...you might like this.

I've been working remotely with a client for the past 8 weeks or so. We'll call her "Sally" for privacy's sake.

Sally has been following my plans to a T!! Checking in over the phone every week, following the nutrition plan, exercise programmes and as a result she's seen great results. Consistent weight loss, more energy, more life, increased strength & balance to name just a few of the benefits. But wait...because there's a twist to this story.

Everything seemed to be going so well and a recent check in with her neurologist highlighted her progress. The neurologist was extremely pleased with her progress which makes this next bit even worse.

Shortly after the appointment Sally had a fall when getting off the bus and broke an ankle. Crap! All her progress came to a halt. Or did it?

It's at times like this when you have to think about what's the right thing to do. She told me all this on our weekly check in call and asked if she could postpone the remainder of the programme and pick up with me when she's back on her feet. Of course I was happy to do this but it's not what I recommended. I felt at times like these it's even more important to have a bit of support from your coach. Typically, when we hit a barrier like this we go into a downward spiral. Comfort eating, no exercise and quickly you lose all of the progress you've made. Eight weeks of hard work can easily be undone in six weeks of inactivity.

Exercise is still important and there's a whole rest of her body which needs working so a broken ankle doesn't mean no exercise...it just means modified exercise.

Equally, sticking to a healthy diet throughout these difficult times is gonna be harder, but even more beneficial so that bit of accountability will come in handy.

So I'm pleased to say that sally is continuing and we'll rejig her programme to accomodate for the injury and keep her motivated while she's down.

The moral of the story is two-fold:

a) just because you got an injury doesn't mean you need to give up exercising. You just need to think outside of the box and work out what you can still do. Heck, most of my clients can't even use their legs and they're still exercising regularly

b) consistency is paramount because hard work can easily be undone if you stop working hard

Don't let hurdles like this stop you. Work out how to circumnavigate them in order to keep going. Whether it's an injury, a relapse or a mentally demanding time of your life. There's no perfect time to start and there's no good reason to stop. You just gotta keep pushing!!

News flash!!!

I'm started using a new app with a handful of my Custom Fit Coaching clients. The app allows clients to view workouts easily on their phones, track their progress, record their nutrition, synchronise with their fit-bit and many more things. It gives me a better view of the progress my clients are making and gives them better control over their health & fitness information.

If you fancy hearing about what it can do for you, or any of my other programmes, click below to book in a call and we can have a lovely chat.

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