Why I’m quitting Personal Training

Before you start worrying, I’m not quitting the fitness industry completely. Just the face to face training which has been my main role for the past 12 years. As of Christmas I’ll be focusing solely on my online fitness business which is better for everyone…here’s why:

A bit of background first…I’ve been working in fitness since 2003 and launched my company specialising in disability fitness in 2008. I’d seen a course for exercising with a disability and having a Mum who was heavily affected by MS, I was interested to see what the course could teach me. But ignorantly, at the time I thought “Disabled people can’t exercise”. How wrong I was!

The course was an eye opener and immediately I realised the need for something like this. So I built a website and almost immediately I started ranking at the top of Google for any search related to disability fitness. This shows how little there was on offer at the time. It can take years to get to the top of Google.

Fast forward 10 years and after consistently working 80 hour weeks travelling all over London to see clients face to face I figured there must be a better way to reach more people. I was limited to around 30 hours of face to face time per week which meant I wasn’t having the impact that I had originally envisaged.

The thought of launching an online programme for disabilities freaked me out because how could you possibly cover all different abilities and quirks into one programme? But eventually I took the plunge and decided to start small by focusing on MS as this condition was closest to my heart.

So I launched the MS warrior Programme and broke it up into 3 categories to suit the most common “avatars” which I’d come across with the condition. Not a perfect solution, as peoples’ abilities and symptoms vary, but it was a way to offer an affordable programme which would not only help people exercise, but also teach them about nutrition, physiology and how to manage their health going forward.

But I still got inquiries from people with all sorts of other conditions so then I launched the Custom Fit programme. A customised 121 coaching programme which works for any condition. With a customised plan and accountability calls it meant people had a programme which suited their body and a kick up the butt when needed to help them stick to the plan.

The customer benefits:

Results – So much better than I ever got with face to face clients. Why? I guess it’s because they can’t say “oh at least I saw Dom on Monday so it’s no biggie that I didn’t do anything else this week”. The onus is on them to do it on their own, and all I do is show them what to do and how to do it safely. Clear, simple guidelines. That way they gain more independence, better results and don’t become reliant on me visiting them. They could do it alone on Monday, so there’s no reason why they can’t do it on Wednesday and Friday too.

Reach – Since launching the online programmes I’ve helped people all over the world, not just in English speaking countries, but also countries where English isn’t the native language. This is SO much better than being restricted to South London

Cost – Online is far more affordable for people. It allows me to offer cheaper solutions and payment plans so people on various budgets can join in. I’ll even have more time to put out FREE content for people on super tight budgets. In the future I hope to offer even more low cost options so more people can start exercising without the fear of doing things wrong and making themselves feel worse.

Products: Right now I have a handful of products although over the coming years I intend to build programmes for as many common conditions as possible, so anyone who struggles with mainstream fitness programmes will know that they can visit my site and get a well made, affordable programme which will suit their body and change their life.

Benefits to me:

I’d be lying if I said it was all for the customer. There are reasons why this will improve my life too and they are as follows:

More time with my family – My wife has been pretty good at putting up with my 80 hour work weeks and me leaving the house at 5.30am not to return home until 10pm for long enough. We have a daughter now, and working from my office means I am able to be around for both of them and days when my daughter is ill (which happens a lot – they don’t tell you that when you’re thinking of having a baby) are easier to manage if I’m not cancelling on face to face clients.

Relocation – London has been good to me over the past 20 years, but I grew up in the country and that’s where I’d like to raise my family so online coaching will allow us to move closer to Granny and get more space, more greenery and better opportunities for my daughter.

Vision – The extra time available will allow me to get closer to my vision of having a platform where people of all abilities can come to for their health and fitness needs. It’s gonna take years to build but it’ll happen far quicker if I’m not scooting all over London all day.

So there it is. It’s not the end of me. In fact, you’ll be seeing more of me. And I’m upping my number of 121 coaching clients from 30 to 40, so there’s now space for anyone keen on getting set up for January. But respond to this email now if you’re interested because come January I expect to be at the 40 point.

And a warning…you might start seeing more frequent emails from me too. I promise to make them relevant, informative and not too salesy.

Here’s a picture of me showing how excited I am.

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