Why you’re capable of WAY more than you realise

This will motivate you, BIG TIME! I recently had a check in call with a client on week 8 of my Custom Fit Programme. One of the goals we agreed at the beginning of the programme was for her to be able to walk 5km (3 miles for the yanks) by week 12. Quite a challenge after breast cancer and a hip replacement and a complex fractured thigh which left no muscles attached to either side of that thigh. Those must be some unstable legs!! At week 8 she had reached 3.4km so I reminded her of the end goal and said that would mean upping her walk distance by half a km each week for the next 3 weeks. Then came the question “Am I supposed to be doing this without rest breaks?” lol. Yes, being my response. It turns out the walks she’d been doing consisted of regular breaks. Now…I’ve done video calls with this client so I know how capable she is from a fitness perspective – fit enough to walk without breaks, as far as I’m concerned. So I suggested she try seeing just how long she could go for before she actually needed to break. Challenge herself. 1 week later…6.4km with only 1 short break half way!!!!!! Who knew?? Smashed her end goal of walking 5km. Respect. All she had to do was try. (Highlights from a recent interview with her in the vid below. I suggest you take a look. You can see the way she’s beaming these days)

I see this a LOT. People with no idea what they’re really capable of because they never step out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves. The only way to find out is to try. And if you fail? You can’t!! All you have done is learnt your limits and next time, you’ll probably do even better.

Check out Su’s new perspective on life. I’m very proud of the changes she’s made. And seriously, give me a shout when you’re ready to make some changes to your lifestyle.

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