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I don’t normally show off transformation photos of my clients because for me it’s more about the function, strength, and general feeling of well-being than someone’s appearance but I’m so proud of Amy that I had to share her story in the hope that it would inspire others.

Amy, who has MS signed up to my Custom fit Programme in March at the start of lockdown and has used the last 7 months to great effect. I’d say that the pictures speak for themselves but they really don’t. They don’t show the full picture at all.


You can see that she’s shifted over 30kg (almost 70lbs) but what you can’t see from the picture is the increases in strength (upper body, lower body & core), balance, energy levels and overall well-being.

She kindly wrote a review and I’ve handpicked a few of the phrases which really stood out to me.

“When I started I only owned 3 dumbbells, the heaviest was 1.5kg. Now I have a rack of them and I’m using dumbbells up to 7kg. I’m even doing supersets!”

“When I started I had to hold onto the wall to do static lunges, now I can do them without any support”

“If you had told me back in March that I would be doing press ups and circuit training I would never have believed you and I actually enjoy doing them!”

“My approach to food has changed, I don’t use it for comfort or eat just because I’m just stressed. My taste buds have changed and the range of foods I eat is very different, never thought I would like mushrooms, sweetcorn and beetroot! I have so much more energy.”

“I didn’t like having my photo taken and I didn’t have any body confidence, you can probably see that from my face in the first photo, but as the weight came off and my body changed shaped this all changed and I am proud of my body now”

So as you can see, photos are great but the changes go way deeper than that. Boosted confidence, improved function, better health in general and the knowledge of how to maintain this going forward.

An MS diagnosis, like many other chronic illnesses, can be a real knock to anyone. These conditions comes with many challenges, both mental and physical, all of which will vary from person to person.

Amy’s amazing example is not typical, but it’s certainly not unique either. I work with a lot of people who end up fitter than they’ve ever been after deciding that they need to do something to maintain their health and give themselves the best possible chance of fighting their condition. Whether it’s MS, Fibromyalgia, M.E./CFS, amputation, back injuries…the approach may vary but the principles are the same.

I hope her example inspires many other people to keep up the fight.

I’m keen to help more people like Amy, who want to make some positive changes to their lifestyle. If that’s you, please schedule a call and we can discuss ways to get some of these results for you. Just click here to view my calendar.

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